Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Beauty of Lightkeeping

Some artisans have a natural ability to express love and joy in their work. One such being is Anastasija, of Lightkeeping. She creates the kind of jewelry that lends a certain subtle energy to the wearer.

In her Etsy shop awaits a collection of jewelry made from lampwork beads, Czech glass, semi precious stones, wood, felt, clay and metal.
You will find a spectrum of colors and expressions from elegant to whimsical.

Snatches of poetry and bits of pretty prose grace several of her product descriptions adding to their mystique.

"Looking through the light morning mist, she spotted the most beautiful butterflies sitting on yellow flowers, whose leaves and stems were encased in drops of dew, how lovely she thought to herself, such beauty!

Another fun twist to her shop right now is the Etsy Ireland St. Patrick's Day 2010 Treasure Hunt. Light Keeping is one of 13 shops taking part in this fun game that ends in a fabulous prize for the luck winner. It's easy to play, head on over to Lightkeeping's shop to get started:
(Did I mention St. Patrick's Day is my Birthday?)

Appreciation for all things beautiful is lovingly expressed and shared on Lightkeeping's blog . There you will find a collection of beautiful handmade items and Etsy treasuries chosen by Lightkeeping and fellow Etsians.

This Treasury includes a lovely piece by Lightkeeping:

Lightkeeping is the place to find that "just right" gift for any aged woman in your life. And don't forget Lightkeeping's blog for those moments of eye candy zen we all need for sanity and inspiration.


  1. WOW! What beautiful photos by Lightkeeping! Thanks for sharing those beautiful creations :D

  2. Thanks for sharing, what gorgeous creative pieces :) T.

  3. I love the first pendant on this post! There is something so mystical about it! Totally favoriting that shop.

    Thanks for posting on my blog! I'm glad you appreciate the time I've spent on them :)

    Love your blog! Definitally following!

    Hope to keep in touch!
    Kathleen McGiveron

  4. Happy St. Patty Birthday! I love her jewelry. Especially the whimsical aspect..

  5. Oh my, how come I have seen your feature on me only now? Bad bad me! I absolutely love it and I am so grateful for such a thorough deep portrayal. Thank you so much! Now I have to admit I had to check what whimsical means in a dictionary:)
    Happy birthday dear:) Hope you had a really special one.