Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Moon Angel Art

Once in a while you come across an artist who is able to express what you yourself already feel/know/resonate with. My favorite band is my favorite because they play the music that was already in my head. Similarly, I recently was introduced to a visual artist that has the amazing ability to convey not only beautiful images, but also the feeling and life-magic behind them.

Moonangelnay offers the most amazing photos! This artwork is so bright and whimsical it lifts the heart and makes the day seem brighter just by being there. Naomi, the soul behind the art has found a way to combine two of my favorite visual art types: nature and abstract to capture the soul image of her subjects.

By offering such a wide range of products, Moonangelnay has made it possible for anyone’s budget to include fine art. Seriously, for just $2.00 you can get a collage sheet of 18 or more digital images to print out and use for your own artwork, scrapbooking, or those tile pendants that are so popular right now.
Not only am I enthralled with her artwork, I also adore Moonangelnay’s Blog. The week starts off with Monday Magic where fabulous Etsy artisans with less than 20 sales are given a boost. Every Wednesday she offers gratitude for the positive things that have manifested for her and her business. Tuesdays and Fridays are dedicated to featuring a fellow artist and Sundays focus on personal musings, happenings, and even tutorials!

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  1. I love the Moon Angel designs! I may have to think about using some of these graphics in my jewelry art! Thank you for sharing a wonderfully, creative lady!

  2. great shop. I could really use those collage sheets for my scrapbooking.

  3. This lady can really wield that camera!

  4. Wow! This feature was very informative and her images really speak volumes!

  5. im a bit late offering my thanks but this is such a beautiful feature thankyou so much for being so sweet to feature me on your blog!